• How do we make a stand against Zika virus?

    How do we make a stand against Zika virus?

    Yesterday, Julie Gerberding M.D. MPH and former head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, addressed Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School about the current state vector-borne disease control (e.g. Zika virus) and the likelihood of an outbreak. Her overarching message? “It is not if… it’s when.”  This statement was not a scare tactic, but rather a realistic summation of the […]

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  • Rabid Ferrets – still not a threat to NYC

    Rabid Ferrets – still not a threat to NYC

    The New York City board of health today voted to uphold an existing 16 year-old ban on pet ferrets. The board members who voted to maintain the ruling stated that they were concerned that these reputably crafty mammals could get loose and act as carriers for the rabies virus. But how realistic is this concern?  […]

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  • Science brief: Protein

    It’s not just something for ‘getting big’, or ‘zapping carbs’. It is also not only a simple nutrient or something that just happens to be in meat. It is protein, and it is the workhorse of the biological world. While many tend to think that DNA is the fundamental molecule of the microscopic world, they miss […]

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  • Science brief: Optics and waves

    The study of optics and waves is focused on how electromagentic radiation interacts with other objects and itself. While the term “electromagnetic radiation” is most often used in science fiction, it describes everyday phenomena such as light, x-ray, radio, microwave, infrared, and ultraviolet. All of these different types of energy are simply waves; oscillating patterns […]

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