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BreakingBio was founded to bridge the gap between science and people. We serve as a portal of knowledge from investors to middle school science students. Specifically, we are interested in translating breaking research that has relevance to human health and industry.

Whereas the 19th and 20th centuries belonged to physics and chemistry, the 21st century will mark the heyday of modern biology. As biological horizons expand exponentially, BreakingBio will serve as the primary resource for keeping pace with the discoveries. In this way we hope to  reinvigorate the connection between people and cutting-edge science.

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About the authors

Mark Esposito



B.A. Middlebury College / M.A. Princeton University / PhD. (in progress) Princeton University

After graduating from Middlebury College with two degrees in Biochemistry and Economics, Mark worked with the biological division of the National Park Service. He has since entered graduate school at Princeton University where he has received his Master of Arts degree and is currently pursuing his doctoral degree. Mark specializes in cancer research, with a focus on the molecular mechanisms of metastasis and testing new pharmaceuticals in preclinical research. Mark has presented on the preclinical analysis of a cancer therapeutic known as GMI-1271, the findings for which can be found here.

Kenric Hoegler



B.A. Fordham University / M.A. Princeton University / PhD. (in progress) Princeton University

Kenric received his B.A. in Anthropology from Fordham University in 2008, then went on to do post-baccalaureate work at Pace University, where he studied neuron development in Dr. John Horne’s lab. After a brief stint working as a research associate at Acorda Therapeutics, investigating therapeutrics for neurodegenerative diseases, he began his PhD pursuit at Princeton University. Kenric’s current research aims to recreate the enzymatic processes that established the origin of life on our planet. He also works with synthetic proteins involved in metal regulation. He specializes in synthetic biology.

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